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East Alabama EMS - Region 2 - EMSA (Emergency Medical Stroke Assessment)
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East Alabama EMS - Region 2 - Medical Direction and Accountibility Plan ( MDAP)

MDAP 2021

MDAP 2020

   Appendix A   EAEMS Agency Fact Sheet
   Appendix B   EAEMS Region 2 MDAC Members
   Appendix C   ADPH EMS Rules Effective June 15, 2020
   Appendix D   ADPH/OEMS Patient Care Protocols January 2020
   Appendix E   ADPH/OEMS Provider Services Operational Guidelines
   Appendix F   Regional Advisory Council Meeting Operarting Procedures
   Appendix G   Regional Quality Improvment Committee Guidelines
   Appendix H   EAEMS Regional Helicopter EMS Plan
   Appendix I    EAEMS Regional Trauma System Plan
   Appendix J   EAEMS Regional STROKE Plan
   Appendix K   EAEMS Regioanl STEMI Plan
   Appendix L   Facility Contacts for Trauma/Stroke/STEMI
   Appendix M   EAEMS Region 2 Hosptials
   Appendix N   EAEMS Region 2 Hospital ER Info
   Appendix O   EAEMS Region 2 911 Contacts
   Appendix P   EAEMS Region 2 EMA Contacts
   Appendix Q   EAEMS Region EMS Service Providers
   Appendix R   EAEMS Region 2 Unlicensed Service Providers
   Appendix S   EAEMS Region 2 Offline Medical Directors

   Appendix T   EAEMS Region 2 Medical Director Resume -- Availbale upon request to Region 2 Office   

MDAP 2018
MDAP 2018

    MDAP APPENDIX B: Reference Documents
     Appendix B-1  ADPH EMS RULES
        Appendix B-2  ADPH/OEMS Patient Care Protocols
        Appendix B-3  ADPH/OEMS Provider Services Operational Guidelines
        Appendix B-4  ADPH EMS REGION 2 CONTRACT (On-File in Region 2 Office)
        Appendix B-5  EAEMS Regional Trauma System Plan
        Appendix B-6  EAEMS Regional HEMS Plan
        Appendix B-7  EAEMS Regional STEMI Plan
        Appendix B-8  EAEMS Regional STROKE Plan

             Appendix B-9-A  EAEMS Region 2  Hospitals
                   Hospital Designations
                   Hospital Information
                   Primary Response Zone Map
                   Emergent Response Zone Map
                   Secondary Response Zone Map

             Appendix B-9-B  EAEMS Region 2  Licensed Services
             Appendix B-9-C  EAEMS Region 2  911 Contacts
             Appendix B-9-D  EAEMS  Region 2  EMA Contacts
             Appendix B-9-E  EAEMS  Region 2  Offline Medical Directors
             Appendix B-9-F  EAEMS  Region 2  Hospital ER personnel
             Appendix B-9-G  EAEMS  Region 2  Unlicensed Services
             Appendix B-9-H  EAEMS  Region 2  MDAC Members
             Appendix B-9-I    EAEMS Agency Fact Sheet